Our Mission

CATV is a community-building organization that enables open public dialogue and government transparency by providing access to the expanding world of media.  

Community Access Television (CATV) serves the towns of Hartford, Hartland and Norwich, Vermont, and Hanover and Lebanon, New Hampshire.  CATV encourages and empowers us to debate local issues, showcase artistic expression and celebrate school and community happenings.  CATV also provides access to local political issues through the recording of government meetings.

Available to view on cable television:
Arts & Education Access TV Channel
Comcast channel 1075 (formerly channel 10)
VTel channels 169 & 1169 

Government & Public Access TV Channel
Comcast channel 1085 (formerly channel 8)
VTel channels 170 & 1170

Available to view on the internet:

Streamed Channels
Both cable TV channels are simultaneously streamed on www.uvjam.org through the
WATCH NOW section of www.uvjam.org.
Both cable TV channels are simultaneously streamed on the Cablecast Screenweave channel in Roku & AppleTV.

Govt, Public, Arts & Education Video On-demand Library
In the WATCH NOW section of www.uvjam.org

Community Shows YouTube Channel:

Local Government Meetings Video On-demand Archival Library:

Your Voice. Your Media. Your Community. Watch Locally.

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Areas of Coverage

CATV is available on local Comcast Channels 8 and 10 and VTel SD channels 169 and 170 and HD channels 1169 and 1170.