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JAM High School Media Fellows Program

Individualized, project-based media arts and production fellowship

Program Summary:   Upper Valley high school students are invited to bring their creative ideas to JAM for a student-driven, hands-on learning experience in the media arts.  JAM media production staff provide mentorship, equipment, and career guidance. Applicants are invited to propose a specific project (or projects) and goals. In consultation with their JAM mentor, high school media fellows develop a production plan, schedule and goals. Participation includes: weekly check-ins with the JAM mentor; skill-building tutorials for production and post-production; work shadows with media professionals; and a final public presentation.   School credit may be available; applicants are encouraged to consult with their school guidance department.

Program Highlights:

Independence and Creativity:  This program is designed for students who possess a desire to undertake an independent media project of their choosing. Whether film production, podcasting, multimedia journalism, music video production, or other forms, the program provides a platform for students to bring their ideas to life.


Tailored Learning Experience:  The JAM High School Fellows Program understands that each student is unique. That’s why we encourage participants to identify specific media skills they wish to advance and a project they wish to complete during their fellowship.  The schedule is determined by the fellow to suit their schedule and production needs.


Mentorship and Guidance:  A dedicated JAM staff mentor will ensure each fellow stays on track towards completing their goals and grows in their personal and professional skills.  JAM staff members are media professionals and educators passionate about nurturing the next generation of media makers. 


Real-World Applications:  The JAM High School Fellows Program offers practical media production experience opportunities on JAM productions in the field.  Fellows can contribute to a portfolio reflecting their growing media skills and artistic voice toward future education and career paths in media.


Creative Community:  Fellows connect with like-minded peers who share their passion for creating with digital media tools.  JAM helps fellows network to collaborate on projects, exchange ideas, and foster a community that can continue beyond the fellowship. 


Application Process & FAQs:

Application Process:

  1. Complete the online application form, including the Project(s) Proposal.  We recommend you draft the proposal on a separate document and copy/paste into the form, as drafts cannot be saved.
  2. Provide contact information for 2 references (1 teacher, 1 other).
  3. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.  JAM can support up to 3 media fellows at a given time.  Applicants are notified of their status within 3 weeks of submission. 



What does the program cost?  The participation fee is $275 per fellowship.  Financial assistance or waiver is available upon request. 


What is the time commitment?  Due to the variability of projects, there is not a fixed number of required hours.  However, it is expected that projects will be completed within a 15 week period (1 semester), with a weekly time commitment estimated at 4-5 hours/week (roughly 75 hours total).  Again, projects will vary – some may involve a long day (or days) of production; others will be spread out over a longer interval.  JAM will aim to help the fellow plan accordingly.


What is the schedule at JAM?  After an initial meeting in person, fellows can pursue their projects independently with weekly mentor check-ins by Zoom or in-person.  Periodically, JAM will schedule at least 2 Work-in-Progress events during the fellowship to receive feedback, troubleshoot together, and network for collaboration with other high school fellows.


Who will my JAM mentor be?  JAM staff will match high school fellows on the basis of alignment of skills and availability.  Fellows may request a specific JAM staff mentor, though we cannot guarantee their availability.  All JAM staff are qualified to advise and others will be available to supplement as needed. 


Can I get academic credit?   Very likely.  Connect with your school guidance counselor, Extended Learning Coordinator, or VLACS for more information on earning academic credit.

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JAM High School Media Fellows

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Purpose/Goals and Media Project(s) Proposal:

Please describe your project(s) in complete sentences/paragraphs, taking care to edit and express yourself clearly. Paint an inspiring picture/sounds in the reader's mind. Include both your big picture vision and/or story as well as the nuts and bolts about how you plan to achieve it. Specify needs you have that JAM can help meet, for example equipment, training, crew, studio space, etc.
Include estimated start and completion dates, as well as any key dates, such as live events that you intend to record/livestream, etc.
You may specific skill sets, mentorship style, and/or specific media production work experiences you seek during your fellowship.


Please include two references who will be willing to speak with JAM staff about your qualifications to be a JAM high school media fellow. One of your references must be a teacher.

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Registration Fees

$275 registration fee will be due upon notification of acceptance. Financial assistance or waiver are available upon request; acceptance is need-blind. Requests can be made to: