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Your donation enables JAM’s community media education programs and live broadcasting services that inform, educate and inspire us all. JAM – Junction Arts & Media (formerly CATV) is a 501(c)3 community-building organization that enables open public dialogue, expression, and government transparency by providing access to the expanding world of media.  Your gift may be tax-deductible.

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Payment can be submitted by check to: JAM – Junction Arts & Media P.O. Box 141 White River Junction, VT 05001 or by credit card online below. The legal entity of JAM– Junction Arts & Media (DBA) is: CATV, Inc. FEIN #22-3205843 Checks can be made out to JAM or CATV. Online transactions incur a 3.2% transaction fee to JAM; we appreciate your additional donation if paying online to cover the fee. Thank you!
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Thanks to you, we’ve unlocked the 2:1 matching grant from the state of VT. CATV/JAM has recently concluded a major crowdfunding campaign through the VT state Better Places placemaking program to build our new home at JAM, a new center for the media arts community in the Upper Valley.  Located at in White River Junction, VT at 5 S. Main St.  at street level (between Tuckerbox and Piecemeal Pies), JAM provides a media workshop space for our youth and adult media education workshops and camps, livestream performances, production equipment available free to the public, exhibits of local media artists, and more.  Your support enables us to engage the media arts to uplift diverse creative voices and strengthen our community.

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“There is no daily democracy without daily citizenship.”

 Ralph Nader, Consumer Activist