This year it’s bigger and better!

#PitchFest 2.0 is now a part of WRIF, The White River Indie Film Festival!

JAM is elated to once again host #PitchFest a shark-tank style competition where local film and media makers have 5 minutes to pitch their ideas to a panel of judges with the hopes of winning money to bring their vision to life. This year we have a bigger stage, more money to give away, and more opportunities to help you make cool art!

What Can I Pitch?

Anything goes, but… There are a few things that make your concept more likely to succeed:

  • Multimedia Flare – JAM is an audio/video based company and is more likely to back pitches that have a strong video/sound element. Marble sculptures probably won’t make the cut, but you’re welcome to try.
  • Local Interest – The stronger relation to the Upper Valley the more likely it is to be picked up. Local talent, locations, topics of interest, are all good selling points.
  • Feasibility – We don’t want to fund something that won’t come to fruition. How much time are you expecting to spend making your project? Are there costs besides the hours you’ll be spending on it? (We expect you to be paid for your time.)
  • Presentation – You might have a thrilling concept, but can you explain it in a succinct and exciting way? What sort of feeling do you want it to leave your audience with? Do you have any visual aids to assist your explanation? Make us feel like we can’t live without seeing your pitch come to life.


Know your audience

The Pitch Fest judges have different backgrounds and different tastes. What might seem like a shoe-in for one may be a no-go for another. Can you find a middle ground that’ll they’ll all agree is worth green-lighting? More judges TBA!

  • IMG 6491Chico Eastridge (he/him)– I’ve worked at JAM for several years and have participated in a whole bunch of local film productions. I like things that are bizarre and unexpected but that don’t overstay their welcome. I love to laugh, especially at the expense of tropes. I’d really enjoy seeing an ongoing series whether it be a sitcom, talk show, vlog, game show, or whatever.
  • Jordyn Fitch (they/them)– I’m the community engagement producer here at JAM and am eager to fund your ideas! I have a film and media background and am incredibly interested in the intersections between different forms of media, art, and installation. I have a penchant for all things silly and a deep love for absurd, authentic art that pushes boundaries and elevates marginalized voices.


Award Money

Pitchers can be awarded anywhere from $100 to $1500 to fund their projects. Be thoughtful when crafting your pitch and the amount of money you ask for to to enact your vision. If you have other streams of funding that can go towards your project, share that with us! We will take it all into account in our decision making. In addition to money, JAM staff producers will be present at Pitchfest and may choose to champion your project by volunteering their production services, rather than funds.

wrif poster CUSTODIAN

Is that it?

As if! In addition to showing up to deliver your pitch, while the judges deliberate you will be treated to the world premiere of Custodian, a feature film made with $1000 by 2023 Pitchfest winner Loren Howard before we announce this years winners.

Sign up!

Space is limited so sign up today. Deadline for registration is February 1, or until all slots are filled. Once registered, keep an eye out in your inboxes during the week of the 5th for a form to sign up for a specific time-slot to deliver your pitch. If none of the time-slots work for you, or if you have any questions or concerns, please email

Registration for PitchFest 2.0 is now closed!


  • Casey Carney (she/they/he) Ghosty Lives! A semi-autobiographical short film about a ghost searching for their skin in order to fully enter the world. Themes of identity, imagination as means for trauma recovery, and claiming one’s true voice are explored in this film that alternates between animation and filmed segments.
  • Loren Howard (he/they) Custodian: A feature film about a homeless musician named Travis, who has to find a job after he breaks his favorite keyboard at an open mic. He ends up stumbling his way into a custodial position at a renowned studio, where he is hired to clean up after ungrateful music producers and bands. When Travis is forced to switch his shifts to overnight, he finds himself secretly recording an album.

Congratulations to our winners and everyone who pitched! What an incredible event.