Do you have a dream project you’ve been wanting to work on, but haven’t had the time or resources? Let’s make it happen! Pitch Fest is a CATV event geared towards paying creative people to make interesting things happen. Contestants can be awarded $250, $500, or $1000 for their proposal. 

Anyone can make a pitch regardless of age, experience, taste in ice cream, etc. Everyone’s invited! 

You’ll have 5 minutes to make a case for your idea before a panel of stunning, yet ferocious judges. Think Shark Tank, but with less ads. #PITCHFEST itself will be recorded and made into a show complete with confessional booths, nail biting twists, and long intense close-ups.

#PITCHFEST has been POSTPONED. Check back in for more updates soon!

Pitch Fest Robot

What Can I Pitch?

Anything goes, but… There are a few things that make your concept more likely to succeed:

  • Multimedia Flare – CATV is an audio/video based company and is more likely to back pitches that have a strong video/sound element. Marble sculptures probably won’t make the cut, but you’re welcome to try.
  • Local Interest – The stronger relation to the Upper Valley the more likely it is to be picked up. Local talent, locations, topics of interest, are all good selling points.
  • Feasibility – We don’t want to fund something that won’t come to fruition. How much time are you expecting to spend making your project? Are there costs besides the hours you’ll be spending on it? (We expect you to be paid for your time.)
  • Presentation – You might have a thrilling concept, but can you explain it in a succinct and exciting way? What sort of feeling do you want it to leave your audience with? Do you have any visual aids to assist your explanation? Make us feel like we can’t live without seeing your pitch come to life.

Know your audience

The Pitch Fest judges have different backgrounds and different tastes. What might seem like a shoe-in for one may be a no-go for another. Can you find a middle ground that’ll they’ll all agree is worth green-lighting?

  • Chico Eastridge – I’ve worked at CATV for several years and have participated in a whole bunch of local film productions. I like things that are bizarre and unexpected but that don’t overstay their welcome. I love to laugh, especially at the expense of tropes. I’d really enjoy seeing an ongoing series whether it be a sitcom, talk show, vlog, game show, or whatever.
  • Jordyn Fitch – I’m new to CATV and eager to diversify our content. I have a film and media background and am incredibly interested in the intersections between different forms of media, art, and installation. I enjoys things that are weird, authentic, and push boundaries and am a sucker for content that elevates marginalized voices.
  • Industry judge TBA

Is that it?

As if! Throughout the day there will be workshops and exciting events focused around bringing your ideas to life.

  • Pitch Deck – What is it? Why is it important? How do you make one? If you’ve ever had an idea, but have wondered how to get money for it, this is a great place to start.
  • Writer’s Group Highlight – Did you know that CATV has its own monthly writer’s table? Get a peek at what’s been brewing and how the feedback process works for scripts in progress.
  • Directing Talent – When it’s time to roll the camera someone has to call the shots. How do you tell actors, cinematographers, interview subjects, what to do without coming across as bossy?
  • Acting for the Screen – Lead by Richard Waterhouse, an acting professor at Brown University and invaluable CATV partner and collaborator, this acting workshop will draw out your most alive, present, and proactive performance – embracing your uniqueness and channeling it into every role that you play.
  • Industry Professional Talkback – Hear from filmmakers, producers, writers, and actors about how they broke into the industry and what it’s like to make a living in the profession.
  • Short Film Festival – A curated selection of short films by local artists playing on a scheduled loop throughout our event. Pop into our screening room at any time for popcorn and motion pictures.

Sign up!

Space is limited so pick a tier and sign up today.  If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to email info@uvjam.org.

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Required for Age Group Grades 6-9
Required for Age Group Grades 6-9
TIER 1: $250 - 2 winners. Think short, quick turn around projects. TIER 2: $500 - 1 winner. Could be good for something that requires a bit more setup or research, but still is fairly small in scope. TIER 3: $1000 - 1 winner. We’d like to see this go to something with a bit more polish, longevity, or collaboration. A new series, a short film, a live production with a crew, etc.