Crew Jobs

Crew Job Descriptions


Camera Operator

  • Sets up shots
  • Communicates with director on creative choices
  • Is main hands on camera for any pan, tilt, or steadicam movement
  • Keeps eyes on screen during shooting
  • Changes camera settings
  • Is the one who takes camera on and off tripod


Assistant Camera

  • Changes lenses
  • Wrangles cables (plugs in and tapes down)
  • Operates follow focus
  • Measures focus
  • Makes sure footage gets to DIT
  • Protects camera
  • Changes/charges batteries



  • In charge of light
  • Communicates with director about creative choices
  • Communicates with Camera Operator about current shot
  • Communicates with Assistant Director – Fixer about upcoming shots
  • Communicates with Best boy when help is needed
  • Sets up lights
  • Blocks off light
  • Attaches gels
  • Changes light intensity
  • Changes light quality (defused or direct)
  • Makes sure cables are taped down and lights are secure
  • Changes/charges batteries


Key Grip

  • In charge of safety
  • No falling objects or people
  • No tripping hazards
  • No electrical or heat hazards
  • Attaches things to other things
  • C-stands
  • Rigs
  • Dollies
  • Jibs
  • Moves things around
  • Boosts actors or objects with apple boxes


Best Boy/Girl

  • Assistant to Key Grip and Gaffer


Digital Image Technician

  • Makes certain no data is lost
  • Sets up video village (where director and crew can see image from camera)
  • Logs camera settings for each shot (Aperture, ISO, Shutter Angle, Color Temp, Choice Takes)
  • Transfers footage, sound, behind the scenes shots, and other data to hard drives
  • Labels and organizes digital data
  • Synchronizes audio


Audio Tech/Continuity

  • Collects Foley sound
  • Collects room tone for every scene
  • Doubles checks Anna’s sound recorder and mic
  • Sets up backup recorder and headphones for director
  • Listens in on original recording (backup when original isn’t accessible possible) for audio issues
  • Changes/charges batteries
  • Watches alongside director for mistakes
  • Takes notes prop placement and character movement
  • Communicates continuity notes to director and updates notes when needed
  • Makes sure audio files get to DIT


Cage Manager/Prop Master/Set Dresser/Behind the Scenes

  • Hands equipment to crew members from truck at start of day
  • Is handed equipment by crew members at truck at end of day
  • Knows where everything on the truck is
  • Puts everything way where it belongs
  • Sets up props and set dressing
  • Communicates with Continuity about prop placement
  • Communicates with Director about creative set choices
  • Shoots behind the scenes footage
  • Conducts cast & crew interviews at appropriate moments