Upper Valley media professionals share their trades and talents in master class-styled “jamLABS.”  These hands-on media workshops can stand alone or work together to provide a comprehensive introduction to digital media arts production.  (Fee assistance is available; contact info@uvjam.org)

Spring 2022 jamLABS at CATV

rollerChico Chico CATVLivestream Multi-Camera Studio Production

Wednesday 4/20 6-9pm

Learn how to livestream. Create dynamic multi-camera setups with graphic overlays on the fly using the same free software as big name content creators. Whether you’re interested in live music, games, performance art, or dreaming big this course can help you take it live.

Chico Eastridge is the ex-strongest man in the world. With more than 15 years media production experience and the live-streaming boot-camp known as the pandemic under his belt, Chico is ready to take your hand and fly with you amongst the stars.


Intro to Documentary Filmmaking

Saturday 4/23 10am-1pm

A high-level overview of the key steps in making a documentary: hone your concept, fundraise & partner, gather crew & equipment, and head into the world to capture your story. This is a hands-on workshop with cameras, microphones & lights for experimentation.


Recently arrived in the Upper Valley from the West Coast, Tamsin is a documentary filmmaker and media producer. She started out in cable access television in Boston, which led to a master’s in doc film production from Stanford, then partnerships with NGOs and institutes of higher learning globally. With a focus on science and the arts, Tamsin works with large and small teams to inform, educate and entertain through digital media.

L10 MarionEdits Aug2021 1Interview Techniques for Podcast, Livestream or Documentary

(CANCELLED) Wednesday 4/27 6-9pm Briggs Opera House

Better interviews mean better guests, better audience engagement and better results for your podcast, livestream or documentary. You have so much more control than you realize – in the tone AND the substance of your interviews.

For about 30 years I’ve conducted interviews behind the scenes, but even more important I’ve been helping the people like you who are in front of the camera or the mic.

We’ll cover interview styles, preparation, and process and leave plenty of time for Q&A and discussion.

Marion Abrams is a content creation coach & consultant with deep experience in podcasting and video creation, she built Spartan’s podcast from an audience of 0 to over 35 million views & downloads, and has worked on a range of projects from social media advisor on a gubernatorial campaign, to creating the the documentary film “Flood Bound”, to directing TV ads for Vermont Lottery. On her podcast “Grounded Content” she explores what works, what drives customer actions, and where the lines are between persuasion and manipulation. For 30 years she has helped businesses, organizations and individuals clearly convey their message. Today Marion continues to work with Spartan and is a podcasting coach & consultant helping thought leaders, business leaders, and podcast hosts to design and elevate their presence to drive tangible results.

“I recently had the privilege of joining Marion’s workshop as part of a local writing club. Not only was her presentation chock-full of great info, but she also wove in great stories about her experiences. Make sure to come with some questions you’d like to have answered, and don’t hesitate to participate in the Q&A—she’s incredibly generous with her answers and ready to share insight into how to make your interviews great. 100% would recommend!”

—Steve Carroll, host of Ycdidi (You Can Do It, Do It) podcast

“Marion’s seminar was enlightening and informative, with plenty of practical, easy-to-apply tips that will serve across a wide variety interview contexts. Her ease and authenticity as an interviewer is apparent in her instructional style, which is laid back, accessible and informed by a deep knowledge of the podcast and documentary film industries.”

—Jodie Vinson, Program Manager, What Cheer Writers Club & cohost of The RIters Resource podcast

“As a new podcaster, the session with Marion was full of tips and suggestions that I can use right now in making my show be the best possible. I was reminded of some key tips in best practices and walked away with some new ideas! Marion’s approach in sharing her knowledge is open and accessible. It was a treat to have access to her expertise!”

—Dennise M. Kowalczyk, host/producer of Artclectic New England podcast

Richard Waterhouse

Acting for the Screen

Saturday 4/30 10am-1pm

Get out of your head and into the action. Working with actors is my passion. It is my mission to draw out your most alive, present, and proactive performance – embracing your uniqueness and channeling it into every role that you play.  In this workshop we’ll explore the particularities of acting for the screen.  Refresh your craft or try something brand new – open to all levels.


Richard Waterhouse is an acting instructor at Brown University and teaches online for University of the Arts. He is one of the founders of Fuller Road Artist Residency in Newbury, VT. Richard began his career as an actor and member of three professional acting unions and then transitioned to teaching approx. 25 years ago. Richard has founded two 48 Hr. Film competitions, one at the Green Mountain Film Festival in Montpelier, VT and another in Bradford, VT. Directing credits include Working for We The People, the independent feature film, Young, Single and Angry, the award-winning short, “Respect for Acting,” and stage plays, Love Alone (Shaker Bridge), Lives of the Great Poisoners (Brown Univ.), ‘8’ the play (Chandler), Kimberly Akimbo and The Little Dog Laughed. Richard produced the short film, “Pearl,” starring Dan Butler and Tony award-winning actress, Frances Sternhagen.

Dooley Elinor DooleyVideo Game Design with Elinor Dooley

Wednesday 5/4 6-9pm

So you played [insert name game you like]. And whether you won or were brutally defeated, it got you thinking, which got you wondering, which got you asking “how was that designed?” With an eye to the importance of the design process, this workshop will explore answering that question with strategies for thinking about and creating games. We’ll engage with the basic elements of some of the games we know and use them as a springboard for creating strong experiences for players in our own games.


Elinor Dooley is an explorative storyteller and designer with a passion for video games and film. She received a BA in film and digital arts from Dartmouth College where she was recognized by the department for her work on several student films with the 2020 Kaplan Filmmaker of the Year Award. Elinor has worked as an assistant game designer at Tiltfactor, a Dartmouth teaching assistant for the video art and game design courses, and as a video editor with Activision’s Creative Marketing team.


Digital Editing

Saturday5/7 10am-1pm

Learn the basics of turning raw camera footage into a story, using professional digital edit systems such as Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro and Avid. Everyone has a different edit style – try your hand to find the best part of the shot, string several shots together to build your story, and overlay audio elements to amplify the emotion.


Recently arrived in the Upper Valley from the West Coast, Tamsin is a documentary filmmaker and media producer. She started out in cable access television in Boston, which led to a master’s in doc film production from Stanford, then partnerships with NGOs and institutes of higher learning globally. With a focus on science and the arts, Tamsin works with large and small teams to inform, educate and entertain through digital media.


Feature Film Screenwriting

5/11 6-9pm

We all possess a voice, unique to our lives as individuals. In my workshop, I will focus on helping our artists enhance their voices, while also applying structure into the stories they wish to tell. We will begin with screenwriting’s basic principles, from the premise, through the relationship between character and plot with a focus on writing for feature film format.  Prior to the course, I will read and present excerpts written by our participants for the group to workshop. In these sessions, our purpose will be to uplift and empower our peers with the tools and insight that will bring each of their stories to more solid ground. This is a safe space for artists as individuals, no matter the level they enter the workshop at. Our only intention is to become better story tellers in this course. This includes myself!

Rivers Cahee is a screenwriter and learning filmmaker from Lafayette, Louisiana. Introduced to these art forms during his time at Dartmouth College, he pivoted from the football program to pursue the arts. Upon his graduation, Rivers completed two short films and was also awarded the James Joseph Kaplan ‘Filmmaker of the Year’ award. He is now stationed in New York City, where he is beginning his career as a television writer for AMC studios. Most importantly, Rivers is an introverted extrovert whose biggest passion is the exploration of the human condition, through lived life.

241543358 393070942219096 6784180512053406063 nDigital Music Production

Saturday 5/14 10-1pm

In this hands-on workshop, I will share my current interest: orchestral music composition for film and video games. We will explore the storytelling power of music as well as the nuts and bolts of creating it with entirely digital tools. Depending on participants’ interests, we may also touch on producing electronic dance music.

I am a composer, producer and musician based in Boston. I have experience playing guitar and piano, but almost all of my music is created electronically. In my 10+ years of producing I have released over 30 original songs, and created many tutorial videos on YouTube to help others interested in music production. I am interested in all types of music, but recently my primary interest has been composing orchestral music in the style of what is heard in film, tv and video games.

IMG 6020Writing for TV

Wednesday 5/18 6-9pm

Have you ever watched a really awful episode of something and thought, I could definitely do this better. Well you’re right, you probably could. Let’s put the Sam Levinson’s of the world out of business. In this media lab, we will focus on writing for television. You’ll learn and discuss the basic conventions of TV writing, and how it varies from writing for the silver screen, as well as delve into the differences between episodic and serial story structures, writing for genre, and how to know what medium works best for telling your story. It is my hope that you walk away not only with an in depth understanding of how to structure your words on the page in the industry standard format, but also engage in an exploration of all the wonderful unique quirks that come along with packaging a television show (longlines, story bibles, and the elevator pitch, oh my!) Whether you have a pilot idea that’s been bonking around in your cranium for years, or just really love a good binge show, I hope this media lab can serve as an entry point for you into the dynamic world of my very, very favorite medium.

Jordyn grew up in Miramar, Fl, but if you ever ask, they’ll say Miami because who here really knows where Miramar, Florida is? They attended Dartmouth College and pursued a Film and Media Studies major, planning on declaring a minor at some point in something that would assuage parental fears of having a child that is a Film and Media Studies major. It never happened.


Color-Correction in Post-Production

Saturday 5/28 10am-1pm

Learn the why and the how of color-correcting your film inside professional digital edit systems like Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro & Avid.


Recently arrived in the Upper Valley from the West Coast, Tamsin is a documentary filmmaker and media producer. She started out in cable access television in Boston, which led to a master’s in doc film production from Stanford, then partnerships with NGOs and institutes of higher learning globally. With a focus on science and the arts, Tamsin works with large and small teams to inform, educate and entertain through digital media.

Production Orientation at the Briggs Opera House

This orientation introduces prospective producers to the Briggs Opera House space for live, live-streamed and pre-recorded events.  It includes a tour of the house, backstage, and technical spaces; an overview of the lighting, sound, and projection systems; safety requirements; and house management functions.  It is required for any community groups or individuals who will present events in the BOH.

ChicoSchedule directly with Chico Eastridge, Senior Producer & Technical Director

Fall 2021 Media Labs reviews

“Marion quickly proved herself to be podcasting subject matter expert. I learned a great deal from her.”

“This class was so much fun and engaging. I was so impressed with the amount of material we were able to cover in such a short time. It was just enough of each topic to peak my interest and give me the confidence to continue the learning process on my own. Before I took the class, I had never used Premiere Pro.”

“The class far exceeded my expectations. I would take a class every week if offered.”


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