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Upper Valley media professionals share their trades and talents in master class-styled “media labs.” These hands-on workshops can stand alone or work together to provide a comprehensive introduction to digital media arts production. (Fee assistance is available; contact

January JAM Lab: Editing ||  6:30-8:00 PM  Tuesdays from Jan 10 – Jan 31

  • JAM Media Lab Leader: Mike Cannon
  • Registration Fee: $100.00
  • Waiver/assistance available – contact:
  • For: Community (16+)
  • Enrollment: Min 4, Max 16

A tour of editing software and techniques suited to all levels, this hands-on workshop series focuses on editing fundamentals that are used in the creation of successful story-telling media. You are invited to bring your own media projects or a folder of practice media will be provided. Editing equipment and software is all available—or bring your own laptop! These resources may be utilized in our office between sessions for additional fun/experience.


1/10   iMovie and the Fundamentals of Editing

Here we will introduce the basic terminology and file management practices that streamline the creative process no matter what software or computer you use. We’ll set up a project folder; import media; cut, crop, and copy video; and collaborate! In this first lab, we’ll start using Apple’s iMovie editing software. We’ll turn videos, images, and text into sequences that tell a story. 

1/17  Final Cut Pro, Continuity, and Montage Editing

In this lab, we’ll introduce the slightly more advanced editing software, Final Cut Pro, as well as present the two core editing methodologies of Continuity and Montage (discontinuity) editing. Use the same files and project folder from the first lab for a second draft in Final Cut Pro. Show off the techniques you’re learning!

1/24  Adobe Premiere & The Rule of Six

In our third lab, you’ll start using Adobe Premiere, a film industry standard. We’ll dive more deeply into editing theory with a hands-on exploration of Walter Murch’s “Rule of Six”—which informs why, when, and how to make a cut and sequence clips to best tell a story. Again, you may use the same project folder and files from previous labs—an exercise that demonstrates how proper file management is THE basis for effective work across any software.

1/31  Culminating Workshop

Our final workshop will be designed by participants individually. Choose the editing software you’ve become the most comfortable with and work on your final draft—implementing the techniques you’ve learned throughout the month. We will screen anything that you wish to present at this point! You’ll be left with a working knowledge of video editing, a list of online resources for further education on topics we’ve discussed, and an introduction to the resources JAM has available to further your quest for creative, world-changing knowledge! 




About Mike:  Mike Cannon (he/him) has been an active creative member in several local visual-arts, music, and media groups including Here in the Valley (HiTV), EatVermont (instagram), Rocket in Vermont (instagram), and JAM. He has a background in music, sculpture, art and design (2D, 3D), and MAKING of all kinds, yet finds the medium of story-telling through video creation to be the most unifying and socially activating. Excited by the recent accessibility of low-cost, universally available media technology, Mike is dedicated to helping others skillfully tell stories and share their experiences in a compelling way that effectively ties them to the larger community of creators shaping our world through grassroots media involvement. From an undergrad arts education beginning in 1999, Mike has “sailed” through a Naval enlistment, Drexel College of Engineering, house renovating and homesteading in Vermont, and most recently a Design & Media studies degree at CCV—and in doing so developed a skill to merge large disciplines with each other and find connections between normally isolated paradigms. In teaching and in media creation, from the mundane to the exciting to the humorous, Mike dives deep into the world around him, always honing his compassion-driven and inclusive approach to communicating ideas—because the right video in front of the right person has changed and will continue to change the world.