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Upper Valley media professionals share their trades and talents in master class-styled “media labs.” These hands-on workshops can stand alone or work together to provide a comprehensive introduction to digital media arts production. (Fee assistance is available; contact

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February JAM Lab Weekend Intensive: Fun with Green Screens! ||  10AM-2PM  Saturday, February 25th

  • JAM Media Lab Leaders: Chico Eastridge & Jordyn Fitch
  • Registration Fee: Free! RSVP Required
  • For: Community (12+)
  • Enrollment: Min 4, Max 12

Wanna go to space? We can take you there! This weekend intensive is all about green screens. Why to use them, how to use them, and everything in between. Participants will learn how to set up green screens, light them for filming, and how to edit that footage in post to create transportive backdrops from your wildest imagination. We will also explore practical and optical effects that can be used in conjunction with a green screen to truly make that movie magic come to life. Suited for all levels, ages 12 and older, no previous experience required.  All equipment will be provided.

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About Chico & Jordyn: Chico Eastridge (he/him) is known as our Professional Plugger-Inner. Chico is a professional formula-1 race car driver, with a sexy accent, and a devil may care attitude. From humble roots, amongst the vineyards of Burgundy, Chico Eastridge tinkered with the emerging e-commerce market and became disgustingly rich. After graduating from his nautical high school, which traveled the world via outrigger canoe, Chico attended Brown University where he majored in sword fighting, minored in back flips, and had more fun than just about anybody. You can find him nowadays staring listlessly into space with a smug expression on his face. Jordyn Fitch (they/them) is JAM’s Community Engagement producer. They grew up in Miramar, Fl, but if you ever ask, they’ll say Miami because who really knows where Miramar, Florida is? They attended Dartmouth College and pursued a Film and Media Studies major,  planning on declaring a minor at some point in something that would assuage parental fears of having a child that is a Film and Media Studies major. It never happened.