Video Production

JAM Exists to Empower the People

We are committed to promote free speech, civic engagement, artistic expression, and public dialog by enabling easy access to the expanding and ever-changing media world.

You don’t have to move away or spend thousands of dollars on filmmaking and audio equipment —there’s video equipment and a community here to support your work.  Content you create can go on CATV’s cables and stream on If you want to have a broader distribution, CATV is part of NH & VT media exchanges.

Produce a Studio Show

JAM now offers two studio production options at our Media Lab in the Hartford Area Career & Technology or at the Briggs Opera House. Contact CATV to discuss your studio show needs and to schedule studio time.

Audio-Video Equipment Lending Library

If you reside in one of CATV’s coverage towns, you are welcome to borrow A/V equipment at no cost to produce projects that can broadcast/stream on CATV.

  1. Pre-visualize what you want to create; the equipment, crew, and resources you might need; and when you aim to film.
  2. Consult with staff to discuss your project, any training, and equipment you will need. Call during office hours at (802) 359-4705 or email:
  3. Indicate the dates you want to reserve equipment.
  4. Bring your driver’s license or passport. When lending equipment, JAM needs to copy your official ID, and get your current address, phone number and your signature on a promise to abide by the lending library rules.
Sound Room

Produce a Podcast, Audiobook or Audio Narration

JAM now offers an audio recording booth and equipment FREE of charge to residents in our service.

Reserve recording time at the Briggs Opera House here. Contact JAM staff to discuss your project, training, and equipment needs by calling during office hours at (802) 359-4705 or email:

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