Samantha Davidson Green Headshot

Samantha Davidson Green, Executive Director

Samantha joins JAM (CATV) as an independent filmmaker with a background in public media and education and deep roots in the Upper Valley, where she is dedicated to nurturing the uniquely rich civic and cultural life that characterizes our community.  • (802) 295-6688

Chico Headshot

Chico Eastridge, Technical Director & Senior Producer

Chico Eastridge is known as our Professional Plugger-Inner. Chico is a professional formula-1 race car driver, with a sexy accent, and a devil may care attitude. From humble roots, amongst the vineyards of Burgundy, Chico Eastridge tinkered with the emerging e-commerce market and became disgustingly rich. After graduating from his nautical high school, which traveled the world via outrigger canoe, Chico attended Brown University where he majored in sword fighting, minored in back flips, and had more fun than just about anybody. You can find him nowadays staring listlessly into space with a smug expression on his face.  •  (802) 295-6688

Jordyn with a Video Camera

Jordyn Fitch, Community Engagement Producer

Jordyn grew up in Miramar, Fl, but if you ever ask, they’ll say Miami because who here really knows where Miramar, Florida is? They attended Dartmouth College and pursued a Film and Media Studies major,  planning on declaring a minor at some point in something that would assuage parental fears of having a child that is a Film and Media Studies major. It never happened.

They are beyond thrilled for the opportunity to put it all to use—educating, empowering, and entertaining the Upper Valley community through media arts.

George Spencer Headshot

George Spencer, Director of Programming

George creates the on-air schedule for CATV’s cable channels and seeks new program sources for CATV’s streaming services, social media and weekly highlights. His documentary “shorts” series, based on his book “Courage 101,” may be watched through the CATV Video On-demand library. George has spoken as an AVA Mudroom storyteller, performs in theatrical events with the Parish Players, and is the former Executive Editor of the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine.  

Nick Headshot

Nick Arvizu, Digital Content Manager

Nick manages the flow of digital content produced and programmed by CATV.  He searched for this position in hopes to fulfill his destiny in the film industry. Nick is one of those ‘writers’ that has yet to put pen to paper. Big dreams of one day writing a script for film or joining a writers room. Nick has had a few side gigs of ‘acting’ over the years. He has done background work on films such as Grown Ups, Here Comes the Boom, Detroit (2017) and a couple others. He also hosts a podcast about bad movies.  • (802) 295-6688

CATV Producing Crew

CATV’s crew of skilled producers film cultural events, live performances, municipal and school meetings, community events, and original programs for cable and streaming. For information on joining the CATV crew, please contact:  

Jan AbbottJan Abbott
(She/Her) Jan is a Vermont native with a lifelong passion for photography and videography, gaining knowledge and information and putting it into practice in the field.  She is also a member of the Vermont/New Hampshire photography group (formerly known as the Quechee area Camera Club). She is a kind and willing worker.
Jakob Breitbach 
Jakob Breitbach
An event and livestream producer with JAM, Jakob had his first Suzuki violin lesson at age 3, on a paperback copy of “The Hobbit” and a wooden spoon. He earned his BA in Jazz & Classical Violin from Cornish College of the Arts (Seattle, WA), toured internationally with his wife Jes Raymond, and eas performed with Bill Monroe (at age 8) and  with Yo-Yo Ma.  He hosts a weekly acoustic jam session at The Filling Station (WRJ).  An ardent music educator, Jakob teaches private lessons and a jamCAMP director for CATV.  Jakob is also a Producer and the Musical Director for HiTV – Here In The Valley, a media and events production organization, expanding the creative flow in the Upper Valley and to the world beyond.
Screen Shot 2021 09 16 at 3.26.31 PM 300x276 1Jefferson Everest Crawford

I am a post-grad intern in the Film & Media Studies Department at Dartmouth College. I am in love with the technical and the poetic aspects of filmmaking equally. I feel that filmmaking is a collaborative art form through which we can share our most personal stories in a safe and inspiring way.

image0David Eric, Podcast & Government Producer

I’m from Los Angeles, California. I completed my bachelors degree in Painting/Art History at CCA in San Francisco. Having never studied film-making in art school, I taught myself various aspects of film/photography/editing by making short films and working in Community Television. Being naturally shy, I feel most comfortable in front of a canvass or behind the camera.

Screen Shot 2021 12 07 at 10.25.36 AMLoren Howard, Production Scheduler & Producer

Loren Howard is a local musician and filmmaker who has lived in the Upper Valley his entire life, and in recent years has dedicated his creative efforts on participating in local media development. Studying Film and TV Production at Keene State College, Loren works on shorts and series in a plethora of different roles: sound/score, writing/directing, casting/producing, and coloring/editing. Now, Loren works as a producer with CATV, bringing local content to life.

RN with Goldman jacketRichard Neugass
Vietnam (non-combat role) veteran, 1969-1971
MEd, Human Development, UMD School of Education
Early Childhood teacher, 1973-1978
MS, Information Systems, UMD Business School
Analyst & product manager for videoconferencing, MCI Corp., 1983-1995
independent videographer, 1996-current
unnamedCedar O’Dowd, JAM Coordinator & Producer

Hi, I’m Cedar (they/them)! I’m an aspiring screenwriter and director. I grew up in the DC area, but spent the last four years out west completing my undergraduate degree in film and media studies at Colorado College, before making my way to the Upper Valley. When I’m not working on my own films or producing CATV projects, I enjoy cooking, roller skating at Riverside park, and exploring Vermont’s unique, natural wonders.

Kealin Rooney square

Kealin Rooney

Kealin Rooney is a film student returning home to the Upper Valley for the summer. She enjoys film, TV, and the woods of Vermont. Part of her responsibilities at CATV include working with kids as a camp counselor and recording community events.


CATV Production Volunteer

Liz Kourbatski

Liz Kourbatski

My name is Liza Kourbatski, I am seventeen years old and a senior at Lebanon High School. CATV has been a part of my life since sixth grade when I attended one of CATV’s camps. It was a music video camp, where we recorded our own music and video, but what drew me in was the video editing. Since then I have participated in a few film competitions held by CATV and am thankful that I am able to continue to be a part of the JAM/CATV community because the atmosphere and people there are amazing!

Recent CATV Alumni Crew

Screen Shot 2022 01 24 at 6.11.43 PMJackson Cashman

Jackson is a filmmaker from Orlando, Florida with an interest in production design and cinematography. He studied Film and Media Studies and English at Dartmouth College and was employed as a library fellow at Dartmouth’s Jones Media Center. Jackson cares very deeply about community arts and arts accessibility and was glad to be working for CATV as a producer before moving to NYC to pursue his career in film production design.

241543358 393070942219096 6784180512053406063 nChris Lehmann

Chris is a composer, digital media producer, and musician. In his 10+ years of producing he has released over 30 original songs, and created many tutorial videos on YouTube to help others interested in music production.  After helping to launch CATV’s podcast production platform and producing government meetings, he recently took a position as A/V Technician for a pharmaceutical company in Boston.

Calvin McCroryCalvin McCrory

Calvin has grown up in the Upper Valley, and is currently attending NYU studying Film and Television production. He loves storytelling and appreciates the complexity film offers as a medium. This summer, he was excited to plug into his local community in a new way through CATV as a producer and editor.

Nathan PerronNathan Perron

Nathan is a graduate of NVU-Lyndon with a background in Audio Production and livestream management. Normally seen as a member of the crowd with an iPad in hand, he’s diligently mixing the house and the livestream as he believes sound quality, clarity and depth are the most important aspect of any show’s success. Willing to give advice and take direction, Nathan’s skills and experiences are what make him such a team player.

HeadshotSimon Reed

Simon grew up in Lebanon, New Hampshire and recently completed the conservatory program at Peridance Contemporary Ballet in Manhattan. After working as a producer for CATV where he worked on a variety of projects including music festivals, commercials, and visual effects for local theater, Simon has started his freelance videography business.

Quinn Headshot 683x1024 1Quinn Thomashow

Quinn is a filmmaker, musician, and educator with a deep passion for community. She recently graduated from Hampshire College, where she studied Experimental Filmmaking. Quinn primarily works in 16mm and super 8 film and has a passion for hand processing images, as well as experimenting with natural developing techniques. She has just embarked on her graduate studies in Cinematography at AFI (American Film Institute) in Los Angeles.