Independent Producer Training

Write and shoot a show script, shoot a documentary, interview local people and businesses or produce a talk show series. CATV can help you with your video project or show. Our goal is to guide you in the creative process so you are empowered to produce independently.

Once you have created your video, CATV will air it on our cable channels, CATV website livestream, and CATV On-Demand.



  • First, meet with a CATV staff member to discuss your concept so we better understand what you aim to accomplish.
  • Next, we advise you on a pre-production and production strategy, schedule, and equipment to accomplish your project.
  • Make an appointment with a CATV educator for audio/visual equipment orientation and training.
  • If you reside in CATV’s service area, equipment may be borrowed at no cost.  If you live in a neighboring town, equipment can be borrowed for a small member fee.  A driver’s license or official state ID is required to borrow A/V equipment.  (2021 service area: Hartford, Hartland, Norwich VT and Hanover, NH)
  • We encourage you to practice/test and consult with CATV staff for any issues you encounter before your final shoot.


  • ACTION!   Time to capture your audio and video footage.  Please schedule ahead if you intend to use the CATV studio and green screen.  CATV staff are available to assist with in-studio productions.
  • If you are shooting in the field, you’re encouraged to scout locations in advance and seek necessary permissions.
  • After your shoot, return borrowed equipment to the CATV studio.  CATV staff can help you download your footage onto a shared CATV hard drive for use during post-production.  (Note: CATV wipes the hard drives clean after six (6) months.)

Post Production

  • Editing stations are available at the CATV studio.  Contact the CATV office at or 802-359-4705 to reserve an edit suite.
  • CATV currently offers iMovie and Final Cut Pro X (both for Mac) instruction. Contact CATV to schedule.
  • To submit a show for CATV broadcast, streaming and VOD, go to: Produce